A limited edition of artist proofs have been created for print. Available in various sizes and print media. Feel free to inquire for details.   Inquires:                              


Three new books. “Out There Within,’ hardcover, 35 pages. 8.75″ x 11.25.” A collection of Horizons series from 2014-2017.  “Eric Gerdau Mixed Media- Drawings.” A collection of mixed media, fiber arts, drawings, and photography. 35 pages. Hardcover. 8.75″ x 11.25″   Inquiries:  

A Bird in the Hand Hand

Ongoing collaboration with artist/fashion designer/photographer William Eadon.  I am creating a series of works based on William’s photographic images which can be seen on his website: The majority of the works are done by painting and drawing on top of prints of Eadon’s work then digitally scanning them. The images will exist online in a “mock” William Eadon website and the originals and limited edition prints will be available for purchase. Please feel free to inquire about availability. Here are some recent additions to the project:                               …